Las Quatro Harwoods

17th week and counting…

Had our 16 week doctor visit last week and heard the little heartbeat. AT 160 beats per minute it sounds like a little squish squish, squish squish. And “she” was just moving all around according to the midwife, although I can’t really feel her yet. The ultra-sound technician and the accupunturist have predicted it’s a girl so I’m calling her a girl for now. However, out of all of the onesies mom and I have bought so far, only one of them is pink. Ryan is in the nursery right now painting the walls “baby’s breath” blue. We are kinda throwing the nursery together with things we like along the way. I’m certain it will be the perfect coziest place for new baby Harwood by the time we are through.
We have our BIG ultrasound on Halloween. They will look at all of the organs and confirm the sex. So stay tuned for that and more pictures of my growing belly:)
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One thought on “17th week and counting…

  1. I like your blog! Looks like you guys didn’t copy us after all with the green – you found another template you liked, eh? Can’t wait for Isabella to have another little friend in the neighborhood! When can we get started building the glass bridge to connect our houses? We’ll let the boys take care of that, as the ladies have babies to grow! (one inside, one out)

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