Las Quatro Harwoods

It’s a boy!!!!

Holy guacamole, if it ain’t a boy!!! The baby picture making lady told us so today. All the predictions we’d heard were wrong, and that’s alright. We’re excited!! The first picture is of his little manly profile (the wierd disc thing on the left is the placenta) and the second picture is, well, his other manly profile (its a bottom view – two bum cheeks, a leg and the little computer hand is pointing to his member). They told us everything looks good so far. Yee ha!!

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One thought on “It’s a boy!!!!

  1. Congratulations, LAS Harwoods! I couldn’t be happier….however, the expression on Paco’s face shows otherwise. Maybe Paco and read to the baby before he comes; bark a lot and get LL (little Harwood) used to his voice.We had a basset hound named Chuck before Bob was born. He barked all the time. That’s a good thing. Once Bob came home to live, he never once woke up when Chuck barked, all just part of the familiar landscape! Can’t wait to read more!!!!!

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