Las Quatro Harwoods


So junior (commonly refered to now as Maddox Simpson Harwood) enjoyed his first and hopefully only Christmas in utero this year. We are now officially in the final trimester and still rolling along smoothly. He’s moving around and kicking with fervor. Sometimes it makes me jump he kicks (or punches or something) so hard. It’s fun to let Ryan look at my belly as it jumps and have him feel his little boy getting strong in there.
We have our 27 week doctor’s appointment this Friday where I get to drink a nasty sugar drink and other than that I think it’s a pretty boring one. Of course we’ll get to hear his little heartbeat again which is ALWAYS fun. The bassinette is ready with the bumper that mom made for it and Donna gave us the cutest little outfit for him. His drawers are filling up fast. I’m so excited to be starting the third trimester and even more excited for what 2008 is going to bring us! Stay tuned as the belly grows.
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One thought on “Holidays

  1. Robyn and Ryan, CONGRATULATIONS!!!I’m so excited to hear about your news. Your webpage is awesome. You both look great. It’s all so exciting.Love to you both,Colleenps – Robyn call or email me anytime if you feel like chattin!

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