Las Quatro Harwoods

28 weeks

As you can see, the belly is getting bigger. I don’t like that it looks like I’m frowning or sleeping or something in this picture but Ryan says it’s “artsy” so here you go. I’m feeling pretty good these days. Still walking as much as possible with the cold weather and doing yoga. The hormones play havoc every now and then and I’ve started feeling more fatigued lately, more like the first trimester. My wonderful husband makes all of this better with his hugs and encouragement. He’s gonna be a great Daddy.
Little Maddox is growing and growing. I’ve decided that he’s gonna come out doing back flips from all the moving he’s doing in there. The other day he got the hiccups for the first time (first I could feel anyway). It’s so cool to think of him as a little person. According to my reading, he is fully developed but not big enough and his organs aren’t strong enough to come out just yet. We’ve started calling him by name more now, instead of “the baby” and I’m feeling closer to him everyday. Our friends Jennifer and Nick have a beautiful little 3 month Isabella and it is so fun to watch her grow. They make us excited for all the good things we have to come.
Oh, we had our first “birth and baby” class on Thursday night and we have our birthing workshop next weekend. I think all the information is going to be very helpful when the time comes for Maddox to be born. So, stay tuned as things get interesting in the third trimester.
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