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33 and counting…

Robyn here. Ryan has his nose in the books as always:) Thought it was time for another belly picture. It feels like Maddox has grown exponentially in the past few weeks. Apparently he is supposed to gain half a pound every week for the next seven weeks. Wowzers. I can hardly wait. As of a few days ago he was still flipping around but for the past few days he has just been wiggling and getting the hiccups down very low. This most likely means that his head is down for now. I go back to the midwives in a few days, maybe they can tell me where he is. We finished our baby class at the hospital last week. We are now certified and ready to birth this baby. I’m getting very excited for the big event!
Siggie was here last week and graciously bought Maddox his very first set of wheels and a car seat. In the picture, we are sitting in the glider that Grandma Donna bought us as well. Thanks Grandmas!! The nursery is really coming together. We just need to nail some stuff to the walls and it is baby ready. Stay tuned as Maddox gets bigger and stronger and Mamma just gets bigger!
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2 thoughts on “33 and counting…

  1. the pending arrival of your baby is exciting but i don’t see anywhere on this page the real news from this weekendJUNIOR WINS BUDWIESER SHOOTOUT in DAYTONAyeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaw

  2. Wow, that glider that you guys are sitting in certainly is low to the ground 😉Seriously though, I love the nursery and can’t wait to meet baby Maddox!

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