Las Quatro Harwoods

Happy Birthday…

to PACO!!! Amidst all the excitement I wanted to make sure our little buddy didn’t get overshadowed. He turns two today. Hard to believe its been that long since the little furball came home with us. He’s noticed something is up lately and been paying real close attention to
what we are up to. Paco and I celebrated today with a special cigar that he took care of in no
time. (honest the crazy eye is just cause of the flash.) This is one of my favorites of him as a little fella.
In his honor I’ve created a short film I call
“The Playful Paws of Paco”.

(I had today off.)

Happy Birthday little buddy.
Oh yeh, we’re still waiting on a little brother for him.
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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. Dear Paco, Enjoy the spotlight while it lasts. This will be the LAST time you are ever on film unless you are in a headshot with the baby. Seriously. I hope you enjoyed your 3 minutes of fame for your birthday video. Never again, my friend, never again.Your girls, Ramsey and Snickers

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