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Upside Down

Well it’s been quite a week. We found out last Thursday that little Maddox decided to turn upright so his head was poking in my right rib and his little feet were dangling down by the “tunnel of life”. I was asked by my midwife to schedule a C-section in the event that he didn’t turn. This was really upsetting to me as I had been all geared up for a natural birth. I went through lots of emotions, lived in a yoga pose for five days to help him turn, and we did moxabustion (accupuncture) in the basement everyday….but no budge. He was stuck and stuck good. He was getting bigger everyday making the chances of him turning on his own smaller and smaller. Then on Wed. we met a doc at our practice who was sooo amazing and she explained a procedure called a cephalic somthin somthin version where they turn him from the outside. It had a 50/50 chance of working but I knew immediately that we had to give it a try. So, we had a practice run at the hospital the next day to have the procedure done. This picture was taken as we were walking out the door. There was a slight chance that it could have sent me or him into distress and they would have had to deliver right then. So we had our bags in the car in hopes that would assure that we wouldn’t have to stay. Anyway, they finally did the procedure and it worked!! They got him head down and ready to go. His heart rate almost stayed the same the whole time. He didn’t seem to be phased by the pushing and pulling at all.
It feels so much better to have little kicks up near my ribs rather than a bulging head. So we have marked the C-section date from the calendar (assuming he likes being head down and stays there) and officially started the waiting game. I’ll be 38 weeks in a coupla days and we think that March is a GREAT time to have a baby! Only 4 days of workin left and then I’ll be a full time nester till he gets here.
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2 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. This is GREAT news. Congrats guys. I am so glad to hear that it worked out. The whole ‘turning the kid’ thing completely amazes me but I’ve heard several accounts of it working. Hope the dude stays put.Good luck!jc

  2. Glad you got him turned – did he turn left or right?Dale Earnhardt Junior would approve if he turned left!13 days till MartinsvilleYeeeehaw

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