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Exercising Patience

Well, here we are. Almost in our last week of pregnancy until the due date. Hallelujia! It has been fun, scary, uncomfortable, exciting and many other things. Now we are ready to experience all of the fun of parenthood! We took Paco to the park yesterday for what might be the last family outing in which he plays the role of the “baby”. It was really nice. As excited as we are to meet this little man, I can’t help being aware that these last days together are precious as well. These last three years of enjoying marriage have been wonderful and ones to cherish. I can only imagine how great it will be to experience parenthood together. Sorry, I’m getting sappy. Must be the hormones.
So we go back to the midwife on Thursday so she can check us out and tell us if we have gotten any closer to the B day. That doesn’t really help us predict when he will arrive but it’s something to do while we wait. For now, he seems happy in there getting fatter and stronger with each kick and jab:)

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One thought on “Exercising Patience

  1. dale jr is happy too5th place at bristolwooo hooo!el chupacabra le gusta el nascar

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