Las Quatro Harwoods

HE’S HERE!!!!!

I’m so pleased to introduce you all to Maddox Simpson Harwood!! He arrived at 1:13 am on April 6. I think that would make it Sunday morning. It was a long process. We actually checked into the hospital Saturday morning at about 12:30am to begin the 25 hour process. A lot of work, but it was all worth it. He’s a beautiful boy. We’re excited, exhausted and a little bit scared all at the same time. This is a big new adventure. I just ran home for a bit to take a power nap and introduce Maddox’s scent to Paco. So its time for that nap. More later as we return to coherency (if that’s a word). Oh yeh. He was 7 pounds 3 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.
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One thought on “HE’S HERE!!!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Sending oodles of love across the pond to all three of you beautiful people. Daddy Ryan, give that gorgeous girl a huge hug from me.Connie xxx

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