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Week one… Check

So we made it through our first week as a family. There were a few bumps along the way, but we all made it. Paco went on a hunger strike for the first few days as he tried to figure out what this new squirming, squawking critter was that had invaded his house and taken center stage. He cried everytime Maddox cried and was underfoot every second. He has since calmed down and is eating again, deciding to just keep a watchful eye, and nose, on his little brother. He stands gaurd for each feeding and diaper change just in case we need his help.

Mom is healing up pretty good. She’s anxious to get out and about,but still a little bit on the tired side. We did manage a family walk with Maddox getting his first stroller ride. We went all the way to the Swim and Raquet Club across the street. (about 100 yards for those unfamiliar with our lair) Hopefully with the warmer weather coming the middle of this week, we’ll be able to get her moving outside.

We continue to be amazed with our son and are constantly calling each other to “come look” at the cute faces or laughing at his little spastic movements and noises. Its good to be a dad!

A few new pictures for you. The last one is his present from his uncles Daddy played with in Boone what seems like ages ago. Thanks guys.

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One thought on “Week one… Check

  1. He is SO CUTE!! I am so excited for you guys! Isabella and I can’t wait to see you this afternoon!

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