Las Quatro Harwoods

6 1/2 weeks!!

Robyn here. I couldn’t resist putting more pictures of our little one on here. He is changing everyday and I want faraway friends and family to be informed. I am having so much fun with Maddox everyday. We have our little morning routine which includes several feedings, a sponge bath for him and a shower for me and lots of cooing and singing. Daddy usually gives us a call which is nice too. Then we run an errand or go to Mom and Baby yoga class. Maddox likes laying on the floor and watching the mommy next to me move around. This makes him wriggle and smile. But halfway through the class I usually end up feeding him, which is OK. This week we are going to try to plan it better so we can enjoy the whole class.
Maddox has really started sleeping better at night (fingers crossed). He has been starting the night by sleeping for four hours or so before a feeding. Then it’s every two hours after that, but those four hours are heavenly!! I feel like a new woman. He must have had a bad dream the other night because he was up for two hours straight crying off and on. This is very unusual for him so Daddy kept getting up to check on us. He finally fell asleep in his swing with the creepy music and slept next to our bed for two hours straight. Phew!

On Wednesdays, Grandma Harwood has been coming over to hang out with us. That has been great. Last week we got a nap on the couch and woke up to a clean house…it was a dream come true!
I am gettting a little sad about going back to work next week. I really thought I would get bored on maternity leave but it has flown by. I have enjoyed every minute of being home with Maddox. I think I would be a wreck if he wasn’t going to be hanging out with Grandma Harwood while I’m at work. It is so reassuring to know that he will be in loving hands all day.
I want to give a congratulations to my good friend Connie who lives across the ocean. She is expecting her own little one in the fall. I can’t wait for the two of them to meet someday!
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One thought on “6 1/2 weeks!!

  1. That first pictures is hilarious! I love that he’s screaming but Robyn is smiling. Well, not exactly smiling. I feel like I know that expression.And I totally dig his socks in the other picture. I’m glad to hear that his sleeping is going so well. May it continue and even improve!

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