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Check up

Maddox chillin on the couch
Deep in thought

Maddox and Mommy survived his 2 month doctors appointment yesterday. That meant he got his first round of shots. (The jury is still out on who it hurt more.) He is now 12 pounds and 23 inches. Growing along just fine. He also finally decided to take his meals from a bottle thanks to the persistance of Grandma. Yee ha!! That had been quite a struggle at our house as we tried a multitude of different bottles and startegies. I guess Grandma just finally talked him into it. Sleepwise, he has decided that he likes a good 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours to start his night, then another 2-4 depending on his mood. A vast improvement and a welcome change for Robyn. Otherwise we have just been trying to dodge the heat. It has been 97-99 degrees for the past couple of days, and its supposed to continue for a few more. We’re off to Signa’s in a little more than a week or so to take him to the beach for the first time. We’re excited to introduce him to the ocean, and to just get out of town for a bit.
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3 thoughts on “Check up

  1. Hi guys. We are all at the beach. Everbody says you had a beautiful baby. The Peavy boys approve. We love and miss you. Hope to see you this summer. FYI Pat will be in Greensboro for Annie in December. Love the only one that can type, Chris

  2. Grandmother says that she got the pictures of the baby. Thank you. Especially for sending on this day when we are all at the beach together. We wish you were here, Love Grandmother.

  3. Hi Robin,This is Jen, Patrick’s better half! Adorable pictures of the baby and I am so happy for you. Hope we can get up for a visit, and just to let you know, Pat will be up with Annie in December I think. Take care!

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