Las Quatro Harwoods

15 pounds!!

These are some of the beautiful pictures that our friend Heather took last week of our little man. She does a great job and we are thrilled that she will share her talents with us. We will cherish these for years to come.
Maddox was weighed last week at Peaceful Beginnings (our favorite store:) and he weighed 15 lbs! Now he did have his diaper on but we are sure he is past that now. It is a little struggle to lift him out of the crib in the middle of the night when I’m sleepy.
He is more and more fun every day though. He has taken to screaming and grunting and making up combinations of the two. This seems to entertain him quite well. He also loves to play on the floor by himself on a playmat. It sounds like he is making up little stories with his toys. Too cute!! More to come…

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One thought on “15 pounds!!

  1. Robyn, Ryan & Maddox,Your blog is great. It is wonderful to see you with the great grandparents. We throughly enjoyed our visits with you. Hope you can visit again,joan

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