Las Quatro Harwoods

A busy week

A good bit of action since the last post. Robyn and I pretended like we were young and carefree last Thursday and went to see a rock n roll show. We dropped junior off at Grandma’s and headed to Raleigh to see 2 Skinnee J’s. So much fun!! We stayed up until 2am!! Crazy kids. We obviously payed for it the next day as Maddox has no concept of sleeping in or playing quietly on his own. So we got up and hung around with Grandma a bit before heading off to Leland to see Sig and meet his other great-grandparents. A rough sleep deprived day followed, but we made it through and had a great weekend with all his cousins and aunts and uncles and Sig and great grandparents. We even managed a trip to the beach on Saturday. As a result of successful negotiations, we returned home Sunday afternoon in time for me to play neighborhood wiffle ball and Maddox decided that was a good time to go ahead and sit up on his own to see what was going on. He hasn’t mastered the skill yet, but he does sit up on his own a little every now and then. He’s also oh so close to rolling over from his back to his front. And, he’s pretty much mastered putting the pacifier in his mouth on his own. How bout that! He’s a growing boy that’s for sure.

Maddox loves to laugh with Aunt Cami
Yeh, I’ll just do this on my own mom.

looking cool in his overalls
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