Las Quatro Harwoods

Production Progress

First a few pictures. Maddox was ready for college football to kick off this weekend thanks to his long lost friends from Boone, the Grizzards. He grew into his App State onesie just in time. Unfortunately he looked a little better on gameday than the Mountaineers did. Its early yet though, and them LSU boys was big! I got kind of excited thinking about taking him to the mountains for some boys weekends and football in a few years.

Getting ready for some football.

Maddox got some quality time with his Great-Grandma

Grandma encouraging Maddox to start practicing piano early.

It was also my mom’s birthday this weekend so Maddox helped cook up some gourmet lunch to take over and visit. He had a nice long nap on the way over there since we had to turn around at about the halfway point to go back and get the coleslaw. That meant he was a happy camper though and did a great job entertaining everyone. Happy birthday mom.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends Nick and Jennifer who gave Maddox a rockin onesie, I now have a new project to work on. Captain Adorable should be a straight to DVD release sometime this fall. Unfortunately, I’m unable to devote my full attention to the project as The Man has required that I return to work for the school year. In the meantime here is the teaser.

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2 thoughts on “Production Progress

  1. I’ve already got my tickets for the midnight premiere! But Captain Adorable better watch himself…

  2. Okay not bad but I think you may need some help if you’re making a super hero movie from someone who’s ACTUALLY READ SOME COMIC BOOKS. Although embarrassed by your borderline literary pedigree, I will put down my Dungeons and Dragons books long enough to help out.

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