Las Quatro Harwoods

A good weekend

Siggy came to town to see Maddox this weekend. He’s growing like a weed between her visits, and he was happy to see her and get to spend some quality time. We managed to get outside a bit to take some pictures with our new camera that we are quite pleased with. We also managed a visit from uncle Carey between his gigs in Greensboro. Plenty of visitors, but a laid back weekend with lots of sunshine.
Maddox took a little time to pose before he got to playing on the swing set.
We went to Price Park for a little hike and playing in the woods on Sunday.
All tuckered out.
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One thought on “A good weekend

  1. HE’S IN THE CARHARTS, FINALLY!!!!Wow. Great photos. Makes me feel guilty….I haven’t taken a picture of Bob since….well, in a really long time!LOVE the giraffe costume. May have to borrow it!God bless all the Harwoods, including Paco! Patti

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