Las Quatro Harwoods


Maddox is waiting on the arrival of three new cousins this week! My brother’s twins are scheduled to arrive sometime later this afternoon and Robyn’s brother’s son is scheduled for next Wednesday. We are all excited around here. Maddox just doesn’t know that he’s excited yet. How great that he will have cousins so close to his age to grow up with!

In other news, he continues to grow and become more active everyday. He loves to walk circles around our living room, chase Paco and go to the park. He was fascinated last weekend by a trip to the Bark Park. He just stared and watched Paco run and play with the 10,000 dogs that seemed to be there thanks to the beautiful weather last weekend. He’s also really working on words. He definitely has a sound for Paco now and he’ll try to repeat things back to us. Most of it ends up sounding quite similar, but its pretty cool to hear him make the effort. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say one day.

Walkin and talkin all the way to the park

Whee on the slide

Mommy watches from a distance

Stopping to smell the flowers

Ha ha that was fun!

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