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Big Weekend at the Parks

Maddox had a big weekend at two great parks. We headed over to Burlington and meet up with Grandmama and Pops, and Uncle Carey, Aunt Darcy, Pepper and Gray for an afternoon of minitaure trains and carousels. He wasn’t real sure what to think of it all the first time around, but he warmed up to it a little after awhile. Then he got to go home with Pops and Grandmama so mom and dad could go on a real date!

Today we headed to downtown Greensboro and Center City Park for music in the park. He loved watching all the people and running through the fountains. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to take the camera with us today. So the pictures are all from Burlington.
Our boy is growing like a champ. He’s popping through a ton of teeth and running like a natural. He loves to be outside and he absolutely loves kicking his soccer ball up and down the hallway. I’m working on some highlight videos of that. In the meantime…

Checking out the train.

All aboard!
Whee!! I think…

Checkin out the Carousel with Pops
Look at me!

This was the big deal of the day. Maddox went for his first ride all on his own! He rode in the firetruck with his new bud as mom and dad hovered near by. He had a blast. Didn’t even seem worried one bit.
Who’s driving this thing?
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