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Pizza Paused for Puddles

So Friday night is homemade pizza night at our house. I look forward to it. It’s Friday, and its pizza. Last night as I’m working on making our pizza, the phone rings and it’s our friend Jennifer, who had been out walking with Robyn and Maddox.
“What are you doing Ryan? Our kids are playing in a giant puddle. Could you bring the camera?”
A moral dilemma… It’s getting real close to hungry time and it’s pizza, but this could be cute. So I left the pizza on the counter, unmade, and hustled down to the park. It was worth it.

Maddox and Isabella knee deep in fun.
Watch this splash!
The mark of a true adventurer.

Extaction proved to be quite a task.

Clean up time.
OK so this last one wasn’t really the same night, but it was the same result. A quick walk home and straight into the sink. He loves this mini bathtub equipped with a jacuzzi jet.

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One thought on “Pizza Paused for Puddles

  1. I think you made a good choice…these pictures are awesome. I think we ended up staying for another 20 minutes or so. Isabella was just having too much fun! I think Robyn and I deserve “Spontaneous Mommies of the Year” awards!

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