Las Quatro Harwoods

Boone for a day

We had a great day trip to Boone yesterday. We spent the morning hiking and playing at Price Park where Maddox did an amazing job navigating the trails, dodging roots and climbing stairs. It was so much fun to watch, and listen to, him hiking. Quite often he gave a running commentary of his efforts. He spent a good bit of time throwing rocks in the water too. Can you blame him? That is such a satisfying sound. Kerplunk! After a picnic lunch we left the park as it got ridiculously crowded and headed on over to the 221 rest stop nearby for a quite nap in the grass. We snuck in another quick hike after naptime and just before the rains came. Then off to Boone.

Maddox and I had a great time sitting on the curb on King Street watching traffic and people go by while mom got us some coffee. We must have seen 50 motorcycles! A little boy’s dream come true. Then we met up with the Grizzards for some fun at Boone’s awesome playground and dinner at the Coyote Kitchen. Maddox had a great time palying with Sawyer and Savannah as they showed him all the cool spots on the playground.

We had a great day and our little fella passed out almost as soon as we drove away. I had so much fun with my mini mountain man!

I decided to go with another slide show. Just too many good pictures from this trip.

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