Las Quatro Harwoods

One Summer

Summer is flying by as it always does. Maddox is full force into being a two year old. He is either making me laugh or driving me crazy, there is no in between these days. What an adventure this is!

We actually have some ultrasound pictures of baby number two, but I haven’t gotten around to scanning them yet, so maybe they’ll show up here soon. Everything looks good so far. Robyn is a trooper. She’s been fighting the mommy sicks and such the whole time it seems. Maddox is excited I think. He keeps telling us that Santa Claus is bringing him a big sister. He also likes to ask Robyn to see the baby. That poor little fella has no idea what’s coming his way!
We’ve also started the process of looking for a new castle for our growing kingdom. The sign goes in the yard tomorrow and we’ve already had one showing! We’re giving it until mid-October to sell. If nothing happens by then we’ll put it on hold until spring time. We just don’t really feel like closing and delivering at the same time. We’ll see what happens.
On to a few pics, in no particular order…

mommy and Maddox on the beach
sprinkler day in the front yard
the Greensboro 4th of July parade
Maddox Mom’s El Salvador shirt, and liked it

The family
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One thought on “One Summer

  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE that picture of Robyn and Maddox! I hope that makes it into a frame. It is beautiful!

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