Las Quatro Harwoods

Cramming in some more summer

Like all good things, summer is coming to an end. Crashing to an end it seems. I’m just never ready to return to the real world of work and such. We’ve managed to get in a few more good trips and outings in the last couple of weeks. Maddox made his first trip to the zoo and we headed down to see Sig and the beach one more time too.

Maddox loved the zoo. He laughed and talked almost the whole time about the different “amiwals” and still likes to tell us how the baboons were “stinky”. He set a world record for passing out in the car as we left. I had barely gotten the car into drive and he was out. I think that is definitely a sign of a good day.
Our trip to Sig’s this weekend included a trip to the Wilmington Train Museum. My boy was pretty close to heaven in that place. There was a real steam engine for him to climb on and sit in the engineer’s seat, a caboose to climb on and lots and lots of model trains to watch. I thought it was pretty dern cool myself.
We go in just a couple of hours to find out if Maddox is having a little brother or a little sister. Robyn is out front watching “Baby Story” and crying right now getting ready for it all I guess.
Checking out the giraffes

“Flying high” at Sig’s pool
The great steam engine
Checking out the models with Sig
Cruising the beach

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