Las Quatro Harwoods


It seems that we are down to once a month posts here. I reckon that’s better than once a year. Times are busy. Let’s see… Maddox loves him some soccer. We’ve been going to Soccer Tots on Saturday mornings and he started out loving it, but has cooled down on it a little. He loves the part where they kick the soccer balls, and even warmed up to the part where they play with balloons, but he just doesn’t have the patience for waiting in line. I can’t really say I blame him. Sometimes there are 10+ kids there and it takes awhile. He also comes out to support me on Sunday afternoons. Nothing better than hearing his little voice say “good play daddy” or “its ok dad”. Thanks mom for wrangling him during the games.

This weekend we headed down to Sig’s house and spent some time with the Simpson crew. Family fun day at the Southport airport was an interesting time. We got to see some firetrucks, some planes take off, parachuters, and Maddox got his first balloon animal from Tic Toc the clown. (I think the name referred to how long it felt like it took him to make it thanks to a general lack of enthusiasm that is not expected from a man dressed in a baggy yellow suit with a fake red nose.) An afternoon of football on the tele and a visit from the Simpson cousins wrapped up a fun day.
Robyn is doing pretty good these days. A little sickness, a little moody and suffered a little weird sore arm stuff. Pretty much the usual I guess. I’m impressed how well she takes it all on along with working full time. She’s swelling up nice like too. I reckon that means Josie is growing right along. She’s active in there and we’re all starting to get excited about her joining us on the outside. We’ve started getting a few outfits and such. Making it pretty realistic that there’s about to be a little girl running around these parts. I’m getting used to it. It will be interesting to see what Maddox thinks.
Enough yammering. Here are some pics.
Pumpkin carving time!
Admiring his work
On the look out.
de Plane, de plane!
new crew at the big kid table!
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