Las Quatro Harwoods

Harwood, family of four

Wow. I think it just hit me a couple of days ago when I said for the first time, “the four of us”. We have our whole team together now. And I have to say, things are going pretty good. (Of course as I type this Josie is starting to cry, so I’ll be right back.) OK. Where were we. Yeh, things are going pretty good. She’s a really easy baby right now. She’s sleeping really good, rarely fusses and is cute as can be. She’s started smiling, and Robyn says she’s positive that Josie is trying to laugh. Actually, she has decided that this time of night (7-9) is her fussy time. But it isn’t every night, and it isn’t always the whole time. Unfortunately, Maddox has also decided that is his fussy time of night. Yes, we’re still struggling with his bed time. It might be getting slightly better, but its still not the fun part of the night.

Robyn’s whole side of the family came to visit and meet little Josie, so we had a house full of cousins for an evening. Maddox was in hog heaven playing with his family for the weekend. He even told us afterward that he wanted to have a “family birthday with his cousins.” He loves his cousins.
Speaking of cousins, his other cousins turned 2 this weekend so we got to have some fun time with them as well. A trip to the Natural Science Center and an evening at Grandmama’s seemed like it should have been enough to wear Maddox out. But he wasn’t having any of it. He stayed up til almost 10 that night. Yeh, that was fun.
The sun seems to be hanging out a little longer and it’s teasing us with some warmth, so we had some good times playing in the yard lately. I think we’re all getting a little spring fever. Life is good around here these days. A little tiring, but good.
Just soaking it all in

Talking it up
Just thinking
A big ol smile

Maddox loves his sister

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