Las Quatro Harwoods

Watch this Daddy!

For some reason, I just haven’t been able to sneak in here and update this thing. I can’t imagine what’s been keeping me busy…

Anyway. The title seems to be Maddox’s new favorite phrase. It preempts every action from running full speed down the hallway to jumping on the couch to balancing on a rock wall to making funny hand conglomerationish things. He makes me laugh, as always. Maddox is full speed ahead these days. The sunshine that we’ve enjoyed lately had made our afternoons fun. We’ve gotten lots of soccer matches, rounds of golf and even a few baseball games under our belts in the front yard lately. I’m just afraid that I’m getting that spring fever from all this sunshine and it’s a long ways til summer.
Josie is growing like crazy. She’s packing on the pounds just like she’s supposed to. She’s a little smile machine these days too. I have to admit it is pretty exciting every time. Maddox does everything he can to try to make her smile too. We had our first daddy and daughter afternoon today while Robyn and Maddox went to a birthday party. We made it to the grocery store for a bit and then enjoyed some soccer on tv together while she devoured a bottle.
Speaking of bottles, Robyn and I actually managed our first night out in quite awhile too. Thanks to Grandmama and Pops we snuck out for a few hours to enjoy dinner and then a little time for coffee. It doesn’t happen too much these days, so it’s always nice when it does.
Big brother sharing the love
All smiles
Mom and Josie enjoying some sunshine

Getting squeaky clean
Maddox enjoying snack in his Space Ship
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