Las Quatro Harwoods

At the Double Quick

Life goes by at supersonic speeds when you have two little buddies to chase around. I can’t believe how long its been since I posted here. I’ve had good intentions for quite sometime, but bed time woes and other obligations have prevented it. Enough of the excuses. Josie is growing like crazy. She had a great check up at the doctor a week or so ago. I don’t remember the exact statistics, but she’s long and lean. Maddox checked out good too. Unfortunately it looks like he’s inherited my allergies. Little fella has had to start some medicine to help those out. Good news is it seems to be helping him sleep a little better.
Josie certainly thinks her big brother hung the moon these days. She laughs at everything he does and can’t turn her head far enough to keep an eye on him. It’s pretty fun to watch, and of course he eats it up. She’s grabbing things now, and of course shoving them in her mouth, and working on sitting up and rolling over. She’s started enjoying sometime in the excersaucer junior. That’s pretty cute to watch.
We’re all excited about the summer time creeping up on us and looking forward to spending some time at the pool. Maddox informed me today that he would be jumping off the diving board this year. We’ll see. He’s also very excited about taking swim lessons, and informs me regularly that he will do so this summer with Isabella.

I guess I could probably write for days catching things up here, but I’ll cut it there and see if I can’t provide a few pictures instead.

Strawberry pickin
We rode the Amtrak to Burlington
Happy girl
Two beautiful ladies

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