Las Quatro Harwoods

Traveling and Solids

So once again its been a month since I’ve updated. Josie is growing like a little weed and she’s started munching, ok gumming, on the solids! So far its sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado. She gets so excited and kicks and wiggles the whole time she’s eating. Pretty fun to watch, but also pretty messy to participate in. She’s full of smiles all the time and rolling all over the place. She’s about two sit-ups from sitting up on her own these days too. She’s just about got it. It won’t be long.

We are loving our summer together so far. It is so nice for us to have the school system schedule and get these weeks together as a family in the summer time. We’ve been living at the pool as much as we can. Maddox started swim lessons this week, and he’s pretty darn good already. We’ve also made the trip to Tampa to visit the Solidays and a trip to Leland for Sig’s birthday. Maddox was in hog heaven with his big cousins in Tampa. He was so excited to have their undivided attention and get to play with them for a few days. Oh and throw in his first real airplane rides and it was almost enough to make his head explode. (He actually flew to Alabama when he was just a few months old, but he didn’t seem to remember that one.)
We’ve got a beach trip in the works with Robyn’s family and one with mine as well later in the summer. Otherwise, we’re looking at just enjoying some time off. Thanks be to summer!

Fun in the fountains
The girl cousins chillin
The boys doing a bit of gaming
Robyn and the kids

Two happy beach kids
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