Las Quatro Harwoods

Twice in a month!

Ok. So it is just barely, but none the less, I’ve made it here twice this month. Bookends. Life is flying by and these kids are to thanks. It is simply amazing how fast they change. Josie is scooting like a champ all over the place. Its a matter of says before she’s going to be up on those knees and just flying round the house.

Poor girl is trying to get some teeth in and its been making the nights a whole lot longer. She’s about to have some vampire teeth to go with her two front teeth on the bottom. Seems to only bother her at night though. Otherwise, I swear Josie is the happiest kid I’ve ever seen. She “sang” all the way to school this morning in the car. She smiles at any and everybody and just loves to laugh. Of course 90% of those smiles and laughter are saved for her big brother. Oh, and Josie’s fallen in love. She decided that the most raggedy, old doll at school was the one for her. She doesn’t go anywhere without it. She even brought it home. It’s pretty funny to watch her scoot around with that thing in one hand. She definitely lights up when she see it.
Maddox has started playing soccer on a team. He couldn’t be more excited. Every Sunday afternoon he has a game out at Bryan Park. He is all about it. We’re so proud of the way he has approached it. He listens intently to his coach, who is great, and does everything with an amazing amount of focus and good sportsmanship. He’d stay out there all day if we let him. He’s also decided lately that we should be singing the national anthem before we play soccer in the front yard. Funny little buddy.
Playing in the tent.
Happy as can be and squeaky clean.
It doesn’t get much better than this.
At the soccer fields
Now that’s focus.
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