Las Quatro Harwoods

Happy Halloween

So it looks like two posts in one night, but it’s really not. Nevertheless, I’m trying to get a little better about the updates. Of course, I realize, I’ve said that before.

We had a great Halloween. Sig came for the weekend and I got to make the run up to Boone to watch App play Georgia Southern. Cold, fun and victorious. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Robyn and Sig put together some rockin costumes for the kids.
Halloween night all our buddies came over for a potluck and trick or treating. We had a great time hanging out and watching the kids chase each other around. Highlight of the evening was Riley dressed like a gorilla riding a big wheel. Just something poetic about that. Thanks to Jon we got to sit around the fire pit and pass out candy. Maddox joined us once they returned and he absolutely loved it. We’ll be purchasing our own this weekend. He ran inside and changed into his jammies so we could read books by the fire. A perfect ending to a fun day.
Josie continues to pick up speed with her crawling and loves to pull up on any and everything. Sleep isn’t going so great right now, but these things happen. As frustrating as it is to get up in the middle of the night, I have to admit I kind of like that the only way she goes back to sleep right now is to lie down on my chest. It’s pretty snuggly, even at 3am. And quite honestly, that’s the only time she ever really snuggles. She’s too busy the rest of the day.
Maddox finished up his first soccer season this weekend too. He informed us at dinner that night that he had now learned everything about soccer because the season was over. Funny. He’s already looking forward to the spring. He’s getting to be such a little man. Amazing sometimes.
Josie the quickly dragon
The College Hill Crew
The neighborhood watch crew on patrol.
Just too darn cute.
Action man.
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