Las Quatro Harwoods

Christmas Eve

So Josie is figuring out the walking thing.  She loves to hold on and cruise around right now and she’s even managed quite a few steps on her own from time to time.  She gets a gianormous grin on her face and just cackles when she realizes she is standing on her own.  Then she’ll teeter a little and take off.  I think the record is about 5-6 steps right now.  Pretty crazy that she’s growing so fast.  She’ll be one year old in a matter of weeks now.  Incredible.

Maddox is doing great too.  He’s so excited about Christmas he can hardly stand it.  The whole Harwood family is coming over tonight for Christmas Eve dinner and he’s pumped to get to play with his cousins.  He’s turning into a fine young man if I can brag a bit.  He’s got a big heart and an electric smile.

Maybe its the time of year, maybe its the lack of sleep, bout I’ve felt really connected to these two little guys over the last few weeks.  I’m amazed that everyday I can grow to love them more.  It keeps me motivated to do anything and everything I can to help them grow and learn.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store…

The whole Harwood crew on Christmas Eve

Jamming on some Carols.  (Robyn making Sig proud) 


My beautiful ladies

Maddox got to take the lead at a very Siggy Christmas this year

Sweet one

Act two, The manger scene.

Just chillin

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