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A good run

Every now and then you have a run of days that just seem to good to be true.  We’ve been on one of those lately.  I fully understand that I just place the biggest jinx on that run ever, but I felt a need to write tonight.  We slept straight through the night three nights in a row this week.  That’s pretty freakin awesome.  Thursday a neighbor gave me a free case of beer and Friday I had no kids at school because the entire 7th grade went on a field trip with the PE department.  And none of that is even the good stuff!  

Robyn and I both took a half day on Friday so we could go pick the kids up early and take them to Great Wolf Lodge.  Neither one of them had any idea.  Ok, so Maddox had no idea, Josie well, of course not.  He was pretty excited to see us when we showed up early to get him and was full of questions.  I told him we were going to a park.  “Grandmama’s?  Will it have sports equipment?  Country Park?  The one with the ducks?”  and so on for quite some time.  Finally he passed out.  Actually everyone but me passed out until we pulled up to the front door.  Maddox was excited just to be somewhere and his first comment was “That didn’t take too long!”.  He was so excited just to be in the hotel.  He still had no idea what the place was.  We could have played in the room for the weekend and I think he would have been ok.  But that wasn’t the plan.
The water park was awesome.  He was pretty excited.  Maybe a little overwhelmed at first, but he had a blast.  And so did Josie!  Granted, he only rode one slide, and bonked his head on that one, but the two of them loved the pools.  Maddox spent most of his time in the wave pool and Josie spent hers on the mini slide and slapping the water spouts.  I swear she didn’t stop laughing or babbling the whole time she was in the water.  She absolutely loved the little slide in the kids area.  Pretty fun to watch.
Maddox also made a bunch of friends.  I can’t explain why, but I think that was the coolest part of the whole trip.  Watching my little buddy have so much fun with other kids his age or a little older even was just really cool.  And there were some pretty cool kids that played really well with him.  He had a battle royal in the lobby fighting off a couple kids with laser guns with only his sword.  Then this morning he learned to play monkey in the middle with a couple of 10 or 11 year old boys in the hallway.  I thought his little chest would bust he was so proud to be playing with them.  They were even cool enough to let Josie try to play with them a little.  She ate it up too.  She was watching them close and taking notes.  She even tried to get in on a card game with a bunch of college kids in the lobby today.  Funny.  Man is she cute.
Top it all off with both of the kids taking a nap on my chest inside the water park today and I couldn’t have asked for much more.  But wait…  Tonight Maddox stayed up and watched the Carolina vs Duke game with me.  He had taken two naps today, one on my chest and one in the car, and we just figured there was no reason to force bed time.  I don’t think he understood a lot of what was going on (according to him, Carolina won about 15 or 20 times throughout the game), but it was pretty cool having him there watching with me.  Oh, and Carolina whooped Duke.
So that was a lot of writing I guess.  But right now its just really fun being a dad.  I can’t believe how much my kids are growing.  Maddox amazes me everyday with how much he’s changing.  He’s such a little person.  Hard to believe.  And Josie, she’s right there with him.  Her little personality is just exploding onto the scene.  Every day is an adventure.  An exhausting, exhilarating (with its own built in alarm clock) adventure that I just can’t wait to see how it turns out.   Many thanks.
Marley lives strong in our house

Ready for adventure

Wet and happy

Fun times with Mommy

That just a cute towel

The epic battle

Josie taking notes

Story time at the lodge

My beautiful ladies

A little break for art

Happy campers

Playing I spy in the lobby
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