Las Quatro Harwoods

Flying Along

These kids are growing like weeds.

Maddox just moved into his big boy booster seat in the car.  No more kiddy seat for him, and yes, he’s pretty proud of that.

Josie is working on a few words.  She’s got “eye”, “dada” (Which is interchangeably meaning Dad or Maddox) “whoa” and “Uh-oh”.  She’s even figuring out when to use them appropriately, sometimes.  She’s developed a great little sense of humor already.  Always giggling and trying to make us laugh and even laughing at ourselves.  Oh and she’s a daredevil too.  She’s not afraid of anything.  Loves to climb, bounce, jump, spin anything that gets her adrenaline going.  Makes me laugh.  Oh, and a little nervous too.   The two of them are great friends and of course she wants to try or do anything and everything he does.  From brushing teeth to jumping over or on me.  She’s gonna be tough.  Every night after dinner they get a fresh boost of energy and have a blast chasing each other around the house or scaring each other.  Sometimes we have to move them out to the deck (the new one that we love!) they get so rowdy and loud.  It’s pretty fun.  Josie especially gets a huge after dinner sometimes after bath turbo.  She’ll dance and laugh and run in circles.  These are good times.  Lots of pictures this time.

Strawberry picking. It was a bit cold

Maddox’s Police man costume.

Josie checking out the Star Wars figures.

That’s one sweet girl.

Good times on the new deck

Josie at the yard sale

Yeh, my girl can eat some ice cream

She’s got moves.

Maddox’s awesome birthday cake.

Later that same evening…

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