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Wow, two months gone

Definitely didn’t realize that April was the last time I had updated here.  A lot has happened since then for sure.  We’re out of school for the summer now, we’ve already been to Atlanta and Greenville, Alabama and Maddox has changed his name to Clint Dempsey.  Or at least he’s requested to do so, and even introduced himself as such to a lady at the pool.  What a kid.

Let’s see.  Josie is a little character these days.  She wakes up happy, and hungry, every morning.  This morning she tried to get an early start, 4am, but soon realized it was a bit early and turned back in.  Seems to be a little pattern that’s starting to develop there too.  Uh oh.  At least it’s summer time.  
She’s running full speed ahead during the day time.  Nothing seems to be more fun than chasing Maddox or being chased around the house.  She’s adding to her vocabulary daily and has the sweetest little voice.  She’s also already developing a fun little sense of humor.  Oh, and she loves to dish out the hugs.  She greets her friends at school every morning with big hugs, and even new friends get a squeeze.  Just the little new friends, adults get a hi-five and some knuckles.  In the mornings she gives me a big squeeze and even a few pats on the back before she sits up and looks me in the eyes and lets me know its now time to eat.

Every now and then she gets really focused on an activity.  She likes to play with the “Little People” and Maddox’s Star Wars figures.  She’ll do that for a good while sometimes.  Yesterday she really got into painting on the deck.  Of course she was covered in paint by the time it was all said and done, but she was really exploring, mixing colors and painting on the paper, and herself.

Tonight is the first night that Maddox has slept in the room with Josie in months as well.  He just informed us tonight that he was going to after sleeping in the computer room for the last couple of months.  He’s started reading some words lately.  It started with the bath tub letters and has blossomed into him really being excited about learning to read.  Hopefully that will continue.  We’ve started reading My Side of the Mountain at bedtime lately.  I think he digs it, but its a little hard to tell.  The big excitement for him is soccer camp next week.  UNCG day camp.  He just might explode if it doesn’t hurry up and get here.  I’m hoping I get to watch a little of it.  
The trip to Alabama was a good one.  Maddox and Josie both did really well in the car.  We spent somewhere around 18 hours total in the car in a span of 5 days.  Pretty brutal, but they made it.  We got to stop and spend time with John and Becky in Atlanta on the way south.  Maddox scored his first real golf clubs from uncle John and Josie had a blast chasing old Riley the dog around.  Then on to Grandmother’s.  Almost the whole Peavey family showed up for the afternoon and dinner and Maddox had a blast getting as many of the cousins as he could to play ball with him in the yard.  Josie took a nice long nap on her Siggy and Robyn soaked in the family time.  It was definitely worth the ride.  Oh and Maddox made a new best friend, Butler.  Butler lived next door to Grandmother and had a little Gator that he and Maddox rode around the two yards for a long time.  Maddox actually cried for a good 20 minutes when we left and has asked several times for me to send a picture of him and Butler to Butler.  That boy has a big ol beautiful heart. 
It’s going to be a fun summer.
Maddox helping Josie with her shoes.

Just plain old cute

Front porch rockin at Grandmother’s

Always ready to play
Maddox and Butler


Beach boy
Checking out the sand

best buds

sacked out

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