Las Quatro Harwoods

A long list and apples apples apples

Josie’s favorite word right now is “apples”.  I guess it just roles off her tongue.  Anything red and remotely round is identified as an apple and she can’t say it just once. There was even quite a lengthy argument with Maddox in Earth Fare one day as she identified each tomato (their symbol) as an apple and Maddox insisted on correcting her each time.  Her vocabulary is increasing exponentially these days and so is her personality.  She’s hilarious, loving and stubborn.  Her hair is finally long enough for a ponytail and her legs long enough to climb on the beds and in and out of the pool.

Maddox has recently begun developing quite a to do list.  He has recently let us know that he wants to be a sheriff, a AAA guy, visit the gorillas, scuba dive, take Tae Kwon Do, and about 50 other things.  He’s super into superheroes right now and oh how he loved the beach!  I don’t think he came out of the water for more than 5 minutes on any given day.  He was riding waves on his boogie board like he was born there and even managed to get up on a surf board a few times.  Josie even decided she liked the water by the end of it all.  She spent the first couple of days under the umbrella with the snacks.  Can’t really blame her on that one.  By the end she was splashing and playing along with all the big kids.

We’ve had an amazing summer.  Of course it has flown by as always.  We’ve still got a couple weeks left, but we’re starting feel the school year creeping in.  I’m so lucky to have this time with my family each year.  There’s nothing better than watching these learn and grow into little people.

We just got back from a camping trip to Hanging Rock (actually everyone else is still recovery napping, I already had mine) and we’ve got one more trip to the beach before the summer is done.  Camping was fun, mostly.  It’s not easy with an 18 month old.  But Josie was a trooper even though she wasn’t feeling great, she loves to be outside.  Maddox made friends with the neighbors’ kids and had a little adventure and scored some bacon.  I enjoyed sitting by the fire.  Thanks to Robyn for making this one happen.  I’m always a bit hesitant on the family camping trips right now.

So the school year is looming ahead, but there are big adventures waiting for us in the future.  I’m exhausted as always, but oh so happy.

Hot dog, we’re camping

How cute can they be?

Tending the fire

Boogie board boy

One sweet face

Life jacket, check. Hat, check.  Cracker, check!

That’s one good looking boy.

Josie’s alter ego.

Maddox has become quite the biker.

We love ice cream.

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