Las Quatro Harwoods

Daddy, Daddy, watch this!

That’s the new catch phrase right now as we say good-bye to summer and hello to another school year. I’m pretty sure Josie picked it up from her brother who she watches like a hawk.  (At the pool this weekend she spent a good three or four minutes trying her hardest to figure out how to sit exactly like him as they ate their lunch on the towel.)  As soon as he displays a new skill or a trick, you can put your money on hearing Josie chime in with, “Daddy, Daddy, watch!”  Incredibly cute.  It is followed by anything from a long moment of focus that leads to a generally left handed toss of a ball, to a hop or a jump.  Which, she is getting both feet off the ground these days.

Josie is putting together two and three words and doing everything she can to keep up with Maddox.  He is great about it 99% of the time too.  They snuggle on the couch in the mornings watching PBS kids or just trying to wake up.  He asks her for an extra kiss every night before bed, and he’s even gone back to sleeping in the same room with her.  Maddox loves to help her out with things and is definitely quite proud of her.  She, in return, gives little squeals of delight when she sees him after they’ve been apart at school, or in the mornings.  Warms the heart.

Maddox got a basketball goal for the driveway last weekend and has already clocked several hours out there.  I really didn’t think I’d be listening to the bounce of the basketball in the driveway quite this soon, but its kind of cool.  It’s still a little tall for him, but he’s determined and un-phased by his .025 shooting percentage.  Every now and then he gets on a roll, and that’s enough to keep him going.  Word on the streets is he even managed to beat Pops in a game of HORSE this week.  We’ll leave that to urban legend.

Maddox will be going to his first App State football game in a few weeks.  I’m pretty excited to share that experience with him.  Not real sure what he’ll think or how long he’ll last, but there’s something pretty cool about spending time in one of my favorite towns and walking around campus with him.  I’ll be sure to post an update after that one.

We had an amazing summer of beach trips and mini adventures.  It looks like the coming year will be full of more and more adventures as well.  Robyn and I booked plane tickets to Ghana for December, and things are looking good for us to move there next summer.  Puts a little extra fun in to the school year knowing what lies ahead.  Maddox seems excited about it too.  Not sure he really understands it, but I think he knows there is a change coming.  What an opportunity!  OK.  Enough already.  I’ll try to be a little more consistent here over the next months as the computer is open in the evenings now.

One last day at the pool.

Show off!

All sacked out in her high chair.

My superheroes.

Maddox has started “reading” Josie books.

One love.

Morning shows.

Hoopin it up.  


Taking an imagination break.

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