Las Quatro Harwoods

What’s Happenin?

Fun, busy times.  Josie is constantly asking questions these days?  “What’s dis?” and “What’s happenin?” are her two favorites.  Any time Maddox gets upset she stares intently and then asks What’s happenin?  Cute.  Trying to figure it all out.  She’s also all about her baby doll again.  She’ll spend twenty minutes at a time wrapping her up, unwrapping her and wrapping her up again.  Oh, and she loves to be wrapped up and carried around like a baby when she gets out of the bath too.  Pretty cute.

She’s managed to use the potty quite a few times over the past few weeks.  Not quite consistent yet, but its a start.  She’s pretty proud of it and loves to try.  Just the pee so far though.  It’s pretty cute to see her sitting there trying.

Josie’s vocabulary expands daily.  She’s a little parrot and shadows Maddox almost constantly copying what he does and says.  Most of the time he’s alright with it.  Most of the time… She loves to try out new words and sounds and will sing along with anything in the car.  My favorite right now is listening to her sing One Love.  It doesn’t get much sweeter.  “et’s get toogeeder and fewl awight”.

I took Maddox to his first App football game this past weekend.  He was a trooper as we sat in the pouring rain for the first quarter.  This was after we had walked all over town in the rain.  Including a return trip to the car for the tickets.  Oops.  It was pretty cool spending time with him walking around the town I where spent so much time.  I think he dug it too.  He was enthralled with the game.  The sights, the sounds, the band and even the game itself.  He even got to hi-five the team as they headed to the lockers at the half.  Of course the next day it was all about football in the front yard.  He’s convinced that the only way to score a touchdown is a diving catch since we saw one right in front of us at the game.  That was fun to reinact a few times.

Maddox is about to take his first Tae Kwon Do test this month.  He’s really gotten into it.  I’m enjoying watching him learn and show so much focus in the classes.  Then he comes home and wants to try out all his new moves. He just breaks into poses every now and then around the house too. 

Game day at the Rock
Having a good time in Boone

At a Mendenhall Soccer game

My little dare devil

Skinny Jeans McCoy


Cool kids
Dink a dink

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