Las Quatro Harwoods

The Muffin Man

I forgot to add this to the last post, but I think it deserves a mention.  When I stayed home with Maddox last Friday, we stopped by Spring Garden Bakery for coffee after droping Josie off at school.  I suggested we might like a muffin to share.  He agreed and chose blueberry.  As luck would have it, Friday is BOGO on muffins so we ended up with one blueberry and one pumpkin chocolate chip.  Yum.  Ok.  So what’s the point you ask?  Well instead of snatching up a muffin and devouring it, Maddox suggested that we take them home and share them with Josie and Mommy.  He talked about how we could cut it into pieces and have it for desert after dinner.  Beautiful.  
Then trick or treating last night he came down from one doorway and said, “Look daddy, chocolate!  You can have it cause I know you like it.”  This morning when he got up his first question was, “Can I have some of my candy?”  Yet, when I told him not until after lunch he said ok and let me know that he would save all the chocolate for me. 

So maybe I’m bragging a bit, but all this generosity and thinking of others made me proud.  My little buddy has a beautiful heart.
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