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Skateboards, bouncy houses oh and Africa

What a whirlwind the past month or so has been.  These kids, as always, are keeping us on our toes.  Josie continues to develop the funniest little sense of humor and comic timing.  She’s got a knack for making us laugh.  She walked out of her room last night with sunglasses and a tutu quite proud of having done it herself.  Tonight she was running around nekked showing me how she could shake her booty.  Pretty darn cute.

Maddox, meanwhile, is cranking up the brains.  I was reading a book to him tonight a book that Mom had read him last week and he was telling me everything that was going to happen.  Perfectly.  He’s writing and sounding out words as well.  It’s all pretty amazing.

I usually focus this blog on the kids, but I have to take a few minutes here to talk about us adults.  Robyn and I spent last week in Accra, Ghana.  At the risk of sounding too cliche, it was amazing.  The opportunity came about thanks to a project I’ve been working on at Mendenhall over the past couple of years.  We sent a shipment of computers, school supplies and clothing to Community Eleven School Complex in Tema thanks to a couple of grants, a lot of hard work and Mr. Atta.  To make the long story short, we went over to see what we had done and visit the school.  Oh, and to interview for jobs at Lincoln Community School in Accra.  (But that’s a slightly different chapter to this story.  I’ll get there, don’t worry.)

The full story of Community Eleven is here but basically, we went over with Mr. Atta, Mendenhall’s custodian who immigrated to the US from Ghana years ago but was instrumental in building CESC before he left.  The school threw a big party with music, skits, dancing, and dignitaries for us and it was incredible.  They gave us gifts of appreciation and we got to spend the better part of two days at the school.  I’m still processing all of it to be quite honest.  It just isn’t every day that you get to fly across the ocean, visit another continent and be a guest of honor at an event like that.  So check out the link above for those pictures and the rest of that story.

Back to the family part of things.  Robyn and I interviewed and accepted jobs at Lincoln thanks to my old principal, not in age but as in past, Julie Olson who is now at Lincoln herself.  We had the opportunity last year and went through the process, but just felt Josie was a little too young.  This year, however, everything just fell into place.  We had a great time seeing Accra and visiting Lincoln while we were officially visiting Tema and CESC.  The school is amazing.  I feel like we already made some good, new friends and we’re ready for an adventure.

Maddox has built his new school out of blocks and couldn’t be more excited that he’ll start kindergarten in a school that has a pool.  I mean, come on.  Who wouldn’t be excited about that?  There will be some issues and challenges no doubt.  But we are so excited about this new adventure.

I should probably say a little more about the kids.

Nights have been a little tough lately.  Everybody wants Mommy to read to them.  At the same time.  Makes me feel a little left out, but some nights, I’m ok with that.  Of course, I never really get a night off, just a few minutes to wait around.  Tonight we finally let Josie scream a little.  And she can scream.  Man can she scream!  It’s kind of funny to go in as she’s screaming and hear her change instantly to her sweet little voice and say,”I wanna wock.”  Little punk.  She’s definitely been attached to Robyn’s hip lately too.  I reckon that’s just one of those phases people talk about.

Maddox has really taken to Tae Kwon Do.  He goes twice a week and he’s now got his orange stripe belt.  Granted that just means we paid twice for him to “test”, but he really is doing a good job.  It’s cool to watch his focus and determination in the classes.  There are kids running around and falling all over the place, and he stays focused on the instructors just watching them.  I’m pretty sure the serious look on his face during class is because he’s assesing all the other kids weaknesses as they play and act silly. Ha.

It was unbelievably hard to leave those two for a week while we went to Africa.  It just felt like we were so far away.  Perhaps it was the ten hour flight and the giant ocean between us, I don’t know.  We made the mistake of trying to Skype one time and it went well until the very end when Josie started crying.  Then we got word they both kind of freaked out when we hung up and disappeared from the screen.  Of course that didn’t sit to well with Robyn either.  You could see a little confusion in their eyes when we returned, but they warmed up quick.  Not much feels better than their little hugs after a long time away.

Oh yeh.  The title.  Those are the requests our kids have put in to Santa this year.  Looks like we’re going to make it happen too.  I mean Maddox wrote a letter straight to Santa asking for a skateboard, and Josie just wants to bounce.  Ok, she’s not getting a bouncy house, but we’ve got her, I mean Santa got her, a little trampoline.

So there’s a lot coming down the pipe these days.  The holidays coming up, a new year and one excellent adventure.  There’s definitely something afoot at the circle K.

This is going to be fun.

With the cousins for a Very Siggy Christmas

The waiting is the hardest part

Josie loves some pockets

I love this one.  From CESC

Our tacky Christmas outfits
Maddox and Josie in the fort they designed

Country park. 

I got to play soccer on the beach in Ghana.

She’s a little daredevil.  And yes, she went the whole way.

Straight to the top with his request


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