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Insert your preferred cliche about how fast kids grow up here

Josie turns two today.  As her gift to us on her birthday, she slept through the night.  Well, ok, she didn’t really, but the two times she did wake up, she went back to sleep on her own.  She just gave a couple little shout outs to her mommy in the night and laid back down and went to sleep.  Thank you.

We had a good morning.  Robyn had taken Maddox to the store yesterday to pick out a gift for Josie with his own money.  He insisted on going without her so it would be a surprise.  He really does have a sweet side to him.  Oh, and he helped distract Josie when they got home so Robyn could sneak an Elmo balloon into the house for her.  He played her like a fiddle by the way with a little, “Josie, come to my room so I can show you something.”  She, of course, went running to follow him.  He got her some Elmo socks, a rainbow visor and a bouncy, over sized baseball.  Ok, so two out of three without ulterior motives is pretty good.  
Josie was a little creeped out by the balloon this morning, but she was excited about the presents.  She picked up her wrapped gift, and said, “Oh, I wonder whats in here?”  (Or something like that.  You get the idea.)  She was excited.  Maddox instantly helped her put on the hat and socks and showed her how the ball bounced.  She was all smiles.  
Unfortunately, she also has to go to the doctor today.  It seems kind of wrong to have to get shots on your birthday, but I reckon that’s how it goes.  She also gets to spend the day with Robyn.  So I think that’s a pretty decent trade.  Robyn took the day off to take her and to get in a little quality time.  
Party with the family tomorrow night and then a bonus visit from the Tumblebus at school on Monday. Should be a pretty good birthday weekend for our girl.
My Sweet One
Her brother is always funny
My big girl drinking her coffee
Talking it up 
Cruising Grandmama’s driveway
Fixing herself a burrito

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