Las Quatro Harwoods

The Land of Air Benders, Dragons and Magic Spray

Its a cold, cold winter this year.  That is minus the one 70 degree weekend and I guess last weekend’s 55 degree Sunday, but it sure has been cold the last couple of days.  High of 26 today was bone chilling and brought with it a little snow and ice.  Enough to give us a nice long Friday afternoon at home with the kids thanks to an early release from school.  Things have been fun lately.  Not all fun of course.  I mean they are four and two.  Come on now.  But fun just the same.

Josie first, mostly cause Maddox had two years of going first because it was just him.  Not playing favorites here.  Our little girl continues to develop a hilarious little sense of humor and keeps us in stitches.  She’s tried on Robyn’s bra, learned to cut her eyes way over to the side, and loves to tell you she’ll be “riiiiiigggghhhhttt back.”  Good stuff.  Lately she’s been loving the dragon costume.  She’s put it on several nights and then run around saying “there’s a dragon in the house!”  And by running around, I mean that literally.  Around and around and around the kitchen loop.  Maddox is happy to indulge her with a chase that never quite leaves it clear who is chasing who, but there are plenty of giggles and squeals of delight just the same.

She’s gone back to the diapers although she still randomly hits the potty now and then.  Oh and she loves to take a shower now with her Maddox.  You see, its “my mommy, my daddy and my Maddox.” Makes sense, right.  Let’s see.  She loves to dance.  We listen to music most nights at the dinner table and she’s constantly wiggling in her in chair and she’ll stop whatever she’s doing and just start dancing sometimes.  I love it.

Maddox is obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender these days.  OK.  If I’m honest I might be a little into it too.  It is pretty good.  He’s constantly asking us to draw blue arrows on him and he’s always looking for a battle.  A pretend one of course.  I guess that’s good.  Sometimes I wonder.  It kind of fits with his Tae Kwon Do though and he loves that.  The show is pretty good.  A lot of talk about balance and finding inner peace and stuff.  Pretty deep.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get much of that, but there are some good lessons in there that he is definitely hearing.  He talks about it constantly and it is pretty cool to watch him imitate the Tai Chi type moves they do.  He’s good at it.

His other obsession is numbers.  Constantly asking what this plus that is.  His favorite is “What’s a google plus 2?”  Or any of a google variations on that equation.  He’s actually done some adding of 2 digit numbers and can do a lot of simple math in his head.  It is quite impressive.  I’m pretty sure with the Avatar and a little more math, he’ll enter the Matrix here pretty soon.

And that leaves us with the Magic Spray.  I’ve used that with Maddox for a while now.  Recently, it seems to have taken on a whole different level of effectiveness.  He’s had some pretty bad tumbles and actually asked for the Magic Spray.  Now just to be clear here, its completely imaginary.  I haven’t managed to get a can from the Man U training staff or anything.  Just a little pretend.  The beautiful thing about it lately is that he and Josie use it on each other.  There’s something pretty cool about watching him ask her if she needs some Magic Spray, applying it and she stops crying.  Josie has even offered it to Maddox a few times and it worked.  The beautiful game continues to provide.

Wow.  I actually started this feeling pretty tired and thinking maybe I should wait til another night.  I guess I ended up writing a lot.  I hope it’s all coherent.

Watching the snow fall.
Josie headed back to the top.
Proud of his construction project.
snow day

Waiting on the Tumblebus party
Cool hand Luke 
Nothing like a bucket full of balls
Get up Josie!
Painting with the cousins
Squeaky clean feels so good.
Watch out!
Pops is funny
Uh oh.

Airbender Maddox

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