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The Greatest Show on Earth

Yeh, we went to the circus this year.  We decided Maddox was old enough to appreciate it and felt like he should get a chance to experience it before we left the country.  So I drew the long straw and got to take him.  I can’t relate how much fun it was to watch his little face try to process everything he saw over the course of those couple of hours.  These are the times it is good to be a dad.  He absolutely loved it.  Tigers, elephants, trapeeze, clowns (“They weren’t that funny, dad”) acrobats, horses, dogs and I think both of our favorites, a human cannonball.  I know.  Pretty awesome.  I’m still a little uncertain how I feel about the whole circus and their animals thing, but I’m positive that I’m glad we went.  Every kid should get a chance to enjoy the circus one way or another.  When we left, and it was late because we went to the 7pm show, Maddox wanted to run through the parking lot and he was doing his happy kid shuffle.  On the way home we laughed about all kinds of things and decided to start painting houses with elephants.  Genius.

Since we started with Maddox, I’ll continue.  He has been the sweetest boy lately.  He loves to help his sister do things, he has been very forgiving of her too when she “two year olds him”.  Lots of. “Its ok mommy.  I’ll pick it up for her.”  and “Its ok Josie, Daddy’s not mad at you, he just wants you to be safe” sort of things.  It’s incredibly sweet.  He helps her with her shoes and all kinds of things.  Its pretty cool.  I’m really proud of him.  He’s got a heart of gold that boy does.

Josie.  Oh Josie.  She’s turned a little in other directions.  She’s got a firm command on the word “NO” these days and a distinct… (There was about a month long pause here.  Not real sure what happened, but I’ll try to pick it up again now.) I believe this was a period of strong will that Josie developed.  She went through a couple of weeks of tantrums.  I think she’s pretty much burned through them though.  I mean, she’s two so…

I’ll leave all that and fast forward to now.  Josie’s imagination has just completely exploded onto the scene.  She’s had a pet doggy that slept next to her chair at the table and followed her around the house, a bear that eats breakfast with us, and her baby eats breakfast with us most mornings and has a regular conversation with her.  It’s pretty fun to watch.  This morning the bear and “flower doggy” (that’s a stuffed one) joined us for  panpakes.  Doggy got an actual bowl and the bear was offered a fork, you know to make it easier for him to eat.  Funny.

Back to Maddox here for a minute.  Today we’re headed to Burlington for his first Tae Kwon Do tournament.  He’s pretty excited about it.  I have no idea what to expect, but I’m proud of him for wanting to do it and working hard on his form.  There will be more on that soon.  Yesterday we went to the park and he played basketball with some big boys.  Elementary age kids.  2nd to 4th grade maybe, I don’t know.  I’m not great at figuring that out.  He watched for awhile on the side with me and then asked me to go play with him.  I walked over with him and asked if he could play and they welcomed him on.  3 v 3.  He was a little confused about exactly what was going on, but he jumped right in, caught a couple passes and scored on his first shot!  Crazy.  He played for probably 15 minutes or so with them and by the end he was even playing a little defense.  He amazes me all the time with his athleticness.  It was pretty cool to see the “big kids” be so cool with him too.

Alright.  I’ll cut it here and add some more soon.

Oh, and yeh, the circus was cool, but these two are a million times more entertaining!

Mesmerized by the circus

One happy and excited boy

Headed home happy

Back yard tree climbing

You know she had to have her turn

Proud of herself

Jumpin rope with pops

two cool kids headed to school
hanging with Sig

Sig shows she’s got skills too!

Super Josie!

Love the pigtails

Silly time after supper is a regular event
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