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Kickin it

This is just a quick little post about Maddox’s Tae Kwon Do tournament last weekend.  I need to brag on him a little bit.  I’m so proud of the hard work he has put in to this.  He’s found something that he loves all on his own and he’s made amazing progress.  I know my father’s eyes are slightly biased, but he’s really good.  I had no idea what to expect from the tournament and I really thought he would just get up with his class and go through the motions.  It turned out that, after an hour or more of standing around but we won’t go into all of that, he got up all by himself in front of 4 judges and about 10 of his peers and did the form he’d been practicing all by himself.  Wow!  He had some prompting from Mrs. Davis to help him through it, but I was impressed.  The focus on my boy’s face when he’s doing this is really cool to see.

After the tournament he moved up to the “big kid class”.  That meant going from 30 minutes to and hour of class.  He’s eating it up.  There’s a lot more going on in that class.  They split into 3 different levels and each are working on their own form.  That causes a little bit of a focus issue, but who wouldn’t want to watch all that’s going on.  He did great this week and he couldn’t be more excited.  It is really cool to see his confidence grow in the class and see how much he really enjoys it.

I’m proud of my boy.

Ready to go

Checking it out as we first walked in

Josie talkin to Pop to pass some time

Checking it out with Grandmama


Getting Started

Check out that form

Getting his medal from Mrs. Davis

Two beautiful kids

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