Las Quatro Harwoods

Changes are coming…

It has been a ridiculously busy new year.  Josie turned two, Maddox had his first TKD tournament, we’ve covered the state going to Wilmington and Boone and we’ve sold our house.  Yep.  Sold it.  I know this is usually a little more kid focused, but I’m going to take a minute here.  We decided to sell instead of rent about a week ago.  Zane (our realtor and friend) came over last Monday to take pictures and sign papers, listed the house on Tuesday morning and we signed an offer contract on Wednesday.  Holy smokes.  We had a verbal contract by 10:30 Tuesday night.  Unbelievable.  We still have the inspection and such to go, but that’s pretty amazing.  Things are moving right along.  We also signed our actual contracts last week and set a date for the shipping company to come pack our stuff.  They’ll be here the 30th, and we close on the house the 31st and become nomads.  Pretty crazy.

Alright.  Back to the regularly scheduled programing.  The kids have decided they want to share a room for sleeping once again.  They’ve gone back and forth over the past year and Maddox had been sleeping on the futon in the “office”, but last week he returned to their room and was sleeping on his matress on the floor next to Josie’s crib.  We eventually moved his bed over next to her.  It is working ok, I guess.  There have been some rough nights and they play and taunt each other some, but they want to be together.  A couple of times when we’ve taken Maddox out to try to settle things, he’s returned on his own to the room.  Mostly because he can’t stand to hear his sister cry.  It’s quite beautiful actually.  They both are adamant about sharing a room when we move to Ghana too.  The mornings are fun to listen to.  They wake each other up and then lie there and talk for a bit, or Maddox gets up to use the bathroom and promises he’ll be right back.  He gets her toys and talks to her until she’s ready to get out of her bed.  Funny kids.

It really is cool how close they are.  I’m not going to pretend it is all monkeys and popsicles, but they are pretty good to each other.  They play together more and more and love to snuggle on the couch and watch a little tv.  Makes me happy.

We spent this past weekend in Boone with Sig.  Glenn and Lisa let us stay in his Mom’s cabin next door which was quite awesome to have a free place to stay and to get to hang out with them as well.  I do love those mountains.  The kids had a blast playing with Sawyer and Savannah around the house and we made it to the Blowing Rock park on Saturday as well.  We had an Easter Egg hunt, strolled King Street and just had a good time.  Good people, good place.

I think that probably does it for this one.  I’m sure I’m leaving things out.  I always do, but hopefully this will help jog those memories one day down the road.  Just a few months before the next chapter begins.

After lunch at Canyon’s 
It was a matter of time before he got a slingshot

Hopping it up

Maddox and his new bud Sawyer

Talkin, talkin, talkin

Josie checking in with Sig

Peeking through

Pure fun on that face


Happy ladies

The egg stuffin party

Quite a haul there

Maddox might have gotten a little help here

Decorating eggs
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