Las Quatro Harwoods

Free Day

I got to stay home with the kids today thanks to Mom skipping her day since she and Dad are heading to Merle Fest for the long weekend.  So far so good.  We got up and had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, watched some cartoons, went to the book fair at Joyner with Robyn then the shot doctor, playground, lunch on the deck and now its rest time.  All in a few short hours.  It is mighty nice to be able to have days like these.  Now of course it hasn’t been all roses and rum, I mean they are siblings, but it has been fun.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the weather is absolutely beautiful today.

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds.  Their imaginations continue to just explode.  Josie is constantly talking about some kind of friend or animal she is playing with and she is definitely in parrot mode.  She loves to do or repeat anything that Maddox does.  She is also the sweetest little girl I have ever seen.  I love the little bits of time I get to watch her with her friends at school.  So cute. 

Maddox is a talking machine lately.  His little brain is just whirring away in there and he’s testing it all out on us.  I think he actually says every little thing he thinks.  Rides in the car are pretty interesting these days.

As for our move, things are coming along great.  We got our housing assignment and we’ll be in Pleasant View Apartments in the Airport Area of Accra.  It is actually one of the buildings we got to visit while we were there in December so it is pretty cool to have an idea of what we’re moving into.  Rosie, who currently lives in our apartment to be, also was kind enough to send us a bunch of pictures, a few of which are below.  I’m super excited and ready to go.  This school year is dragging to a close.  We’ll leave that out of here though. 

Our house is back on the market.  That’s a bit of a bummer.  After getting an offer on the very first day it was on the market the buyers backed out.  Punks.  Oh well.  We’ve got some time.  We’re set to ship on May 31st though and that will be then of our living here.  Then we’ll be nomads more or less for the summer.  Should be fun. 

Oh and I threw Robyn a surprise party last weekend.  That was a lot of fun.  I can’t believe I was able to keep it a secret from her as long as I did.  It was hard.  Just a few friends came over for dinner, but we surprised her pretty good and had a good time.  She had asked for one for years and I figured I might better go ahead and take care of it.  So I did.  Ha.  

I guess that’s it for now.  Josie is napping and Maddox is watching Avengers Cartoons on the couch.  I think I’ll go join him for a bit. 

Josie, Oscar and Lucy

Helping out with breakfast

My boy’s got some skill

Cool kids in their gifts from Sig

Mommy and Josie in their new dresses

Sig always brings some good books

They must be famous

A little morning TV snuggle

Silly swingers
Fun with the slide and a golf ball
Our new digs! (Not our stuff in the pic though)

This will be our pool.

The front door with some cool art on the wall.
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