Las Quatro Harwoods


It’s been a tough few weeks, but things are looking up again.  

We had a spell of rain that seemed like it would never end.  On top of that I’ve been pretty worried about Josie.  It’s a terrible feeling not being able to do anything for your kid and just not knowing what needs to be done.  Josie had an MRI and a needle aspiration last week to try to figure out what was going on with her cheek.  It was unsettling to have to have her sedated twice in a week.  I didn’t handle the second one too well.  It was tough.  I don’t like seeing my little one all out of sorts and confused.  It was also quite frustrating to get results only to hear the doctors say they really weren’t sure.  I should say they were awesome doctors, but that doesn’t keep it from being frustrating.  We finally got some answers this week.  With 99% certainty they think it is atypical TB.  Apparently it’s just a bug you can get and Josie was lucky enough to get it.  It’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, and they even said it will eventually go away on its own.  Apparently it will turn into kind of an open wound and just drain.  It sounded like that could take awhile, but it isn’t very threatening.  She got some antibiotics and he also said if he needed too and it looked like it was ready, he could do a much less invasive surgery and just kind of clean it out.  So once again we wait, but at least we’ve ruled out the scary stuff.  

It hasn’t been fun at all.  The only thing that has helped it the fact that she has never acted like she was sick at all.  Josie has been her usual beautiful, sunshiny self through all of this.  I, on the other hand, have just felt tense for what seems like months.  It’s hard to keep the worries away.  I think we’re good now though.

So moving to moving on.  I picked up our passports complete with visas from FedEx today.  We are ready to travel.  Robyn hired our nanny this week too.  Tina will start working for us as soon as we land in Accra.  Louisa has been awesome helping us out with all of this.  She interviewed several nannies and helped Robyn with the decision making.  They both feel that Tina is the one for us. She’s started taking some cooking lessons and will be living in too.  Pretty crazy.  

I got a letter from Lincoln today confirming Maddox’s enrollment into kindergarten.  That’s still a little hard to believe.  Although, he is a little sponge for information and learning right now and I have no doubt in my mind that he is ready for it.

Finally, Robyn and I are having a weekend away this weekend.  We are headed to DC for a couple of nights.  Going to see the USMNT play Germany, sitting, or I should say standing, with the American Outlaws and doing it up right.  Should be quite the experience!  It’s also our anniversary weekend.  Eight years of adventures together.  Hard to believe.  I feel pretty lucky that we can celebrate together at a soccer match!  Of course I also just feel lucky to have such an awesome partner for this crazy thing called life.  We’re a good team.  I’m excited to have some time on our own.  The last time away from our kids was December I believe when we went to Ghana. That’s been awhile.  We might even get to sleep through the night, or maybe even past 6 am!

Speaking of which, I should probably wrap this up so I can get up with the kids in the morning and get this show on the road.  Its getting kind of late here.  I’ll do another post soon with pictures and such.  For now I think I’ll just end with these Bob lyrics.  Music has definitely helped me through some tough days lately.  

Misty morning, don’t see no sun.  I know you’re out there somewhere, having fun. 

The sun is always out there, even when it isn’t shining on me.  Comforting to remember.  One love.

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