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4-3 a victory

So this one is all about Robyn and me.  We just had a fantastic weekend in DC.  We went to see the USMNT play a friendly against Germany at RFK stadium and celebrate our anniversary too.  It was a fantastic weekend.  We hadn’t had time on our own since we went to Ghana in December, so we were due a little time on our own.  As much as we love those little buggers, a little quiet time is kind of nice too. 

We dropped the kids off at Grandmama’s Saturday morning and headed to DC arriving just in time to enjoy watching the open training session.  It was pretty cool to see them going through the same old stretches and drills that I did back in the day.  Of course, they were a little better at it all.  Even the stretching.  Anyway.  It was cool and afterwards I got a few autographs:  Clarence Goodson, Timmy Howard and Jurgen Klinsman.  Pretty freaking cool.

We headed on to the hotel and went out for a night on the town.  Walked down to Cuba Libre for dinner and had some fantastic food and tasty drinks.  It was nice just to sit and watch people go by in the city.  We wandered for awhile after that.  Made a quick stop, real quick, by the American Outlaws pregame party and then wandered over to the Mall to check out the Pres’s house and such.  It was a beautiful night for a stroll.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a run around the monuments and through the city.  It was hot but it made the run a lot more fun.  Then cleaned up and headed for the stadium.  I had purchased a ticket to the AO tailgate just for the experience.  It will be the last one probably.  It was fun, but I guess I’m getting old.  Too many rowdy kids around.  Ha.  The stadium was sold out.  We were two of the 47,359 there to enjoy the show.  And we got a good one.  The good guys came to play and even though they almost ran out of gas at the end they pulled it off.  4-3 USA.  The crowd was awesome.  We sat in the AO section which again, I guess we’re getting old.  It was fun, loud, rowdy in to the game and all of that, but I think I’ve checked it off the list.  Robyn had a hard time seeing cause people were standing in their seats and there were definitely more people in the section than seat.  Oh and there was the flying beer after US goals.  So it wasn’t the greatest, but she was a trooper and still had a blast.  There isn’t a whole lot that’s more fun than celebrating a goals with 47000 friends.  Ok, I guess it was more like 30,000 friends cause there were certainly some German fans there.  But you get the idea.  Its awesome. 

Post game we had a little momentum crash as we tried to outsmart the crowds and walk a bit before jumping a train.  Ended up making some circles and going the wrong way.  Contemplated bikes and realized it was silly expensive, bought some snacks, didn’t have the right amount of money on our Metro cards and then finally got on a plizacked train to head home.  It took us a couple hours to make what should have been a 30 minute trek back to the hotel.  It was quite exhausting but also kind of fun in that this is messed up kind of way.  And there were also the trio of German girls who got hysterical when a cute boy got smushed in next to them on the train.  funny.

Robyn literally crashed once we got back to the room.  It started pouring rain as soon as we got back so we fixed a sandwich for dinner and watched a little television.  She passed out about 7:45 or 8.  I rallied and went for a walk.  Enjoyed a beer at RFD i think it was.  They must have had a couple hundred to choose from and then just wandered the neighborhood for awhile.  Oh yeh, I saw Greg Lalas in the hotel lobby working on his laptop.  Kind of cool.  They were having the Centennial Celebration in our hotel I think.  So there were some big wigs there. 

Got up today and had some breakfast.  And hit the road more or less.  We wandered the neighborhood just a little before loading up and heading home.  We stopped by the MLK memorial on the way out of town and were very glad we did.  It was quite a powerful place. 

It was fun to have this time together.  We don’t get to do it enough.  But we’ve got a beautiful little family that we’ve built together and I’m so very thankful for that.  It’s been a wonderful eight years and I know that we have a long beautiful road in front of us.  I look forward to more of these little mini adventures.

It was good to get home and see our kids.  Of course we spent a good deal of our time away talking about them and even looking at some pictures.  Its hard not to.  They are pretty stinking cute.  Back to the grind tomorrow, but only for a few days.  The end of this chapter is in sight.  I’m ready…

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