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Shipped and Summerin

So this has been what you might call a busy week.  Just in the last 48 hrs, I’ve cleaned out my classroom and finished off my requirements at school, sold a car, bought half a car in Accra (we’ll wire the funds for the other half into the German account once the guy we’ve never met has picked up the car we’ve never seen from the lady we’ve never met and they sign the papers for us and put them somewhere at the school until we get there) made an insurance claim for a fender bender in the school  parking lot, cleaned and moved out of our house, and shipped a bunch of stuff to Ghana.  Or at least some guys took a bunch of our stuff and put it on a truck.  Yeh.  That counts as busy.

Life is good though.  It is busy and tiresome and stressful and fun.  The kids spent their last night in the house this week and didn’t even know it.  Kind of crazy, but they are just along for the ride anyway.  I was talking to Maddox yesterday about some of the stuff that was going on with buying a car and shipping our stuff and he just looked at me and said, “I don’t get it.”  I laughed and told him I wasn’t really sure I did either, but it’s good.   They moved on over to my parents house a day before us so we could get things ready for the shipment and the yard sale.  They are so happy to be at grandmama and pop’s that they barely even miss us.  It was kind of cool to get here tonight and find out they were fighting off sleep to see us.  We walked into their room and they both hopped up and started talking to us.  Josie wanted to make sure that we were really all sleeping here tonight and Maddox wrapped us both in one big hug.  There’s not much better than that.  
Before all this we had a great weekend. We went to the Mosaic festival downtown for a little while and hung out with a bunch of our COOP friends, listened to music and ate some tasty international food.  It was a fun afternoon.  Maddox ended up staying with Imani and spending the night with her.  They were having so much fun he also went to Friends Meeting with her and managed to join them for a pot luck lunch too.  Pretty neat that he’s comfortable enough with his friends and their families to spend the night away.  It was fun to have an evening and a morning with just Josie.  We don’t get individual time with either of them very often.
We also had a great time Monday night hanging out with Jon and Amanda.  We stayed really late (in kid time) just talking and laughing while Maddox and Henson played and Josie hung out, literally, in Jasper’s bouncy seat.  Funny.  She was playing baby.  The boys played great.  Dressed up as all kinds of different stuff and let their imaginations run wild.  We even managed to find sometime to play in the hose outside for awhile before it got too cold.  They are headed to Austin this summer.  Maybe someday we’ll visit them there.
Is getting late here.  I know there is more to write, but I’m going to have shut it down for the evening.  This adventure is about to be in full steam.

Wait a minute.  I have to add two more things that my pictures reminded me of.  Like I said, it’s getting late.  Maddox had his COOP “graduation” last week.  I true COOP style, it was a dance party pot luck. We had a great time and he looked really cute in his little cap.  Kevin said he was the most responsible 5 year old he’d ever known and thought he would be an inventor or entrepreneur and a millionaire by the time he’s 30.  Funny.   He also had his first real TKD test for his yellow belt.  He had struggled a little the week before to remember his form, but we practiced some at home, and he nailed it.  I was so proud out him for sticking with and practicing on his own, because he wanted too.  It wasn’t easy either.  I think their were 14 different moves to the form.  Proud.

Ready for testing
What a side kick!
We had a few days of limited furniture
Watermelon at the Mosaic festival has become a tradition
Water play with Henson
Smoothie as summertime

Two sweet kids
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