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Surfin Safari

We have pretty much completed the second leg of our summer of couch surfing.  So far so good.  W spent the first several days at my parents house and the last few at Sig’s.  I’m still not sure the kids really have grasped the idea that we aren’t going back to our house in Greensboro, even though I do think Maddox understands that we are selling it.  Funny.  Speaking of which, once at mom’s house and once here at Sig’s, Josie has asked if the reason we are leaving the house (mom’s or Sig’s) is because someone is coming to look at it.  That kid cracks me up.  Cami and Jeremy and the kids arrived today and we’ve spread everyone around the house.  Sig is sleeping on the biggest air mattress I have ever seen tonight.  Tomorrow we all head to Topsail Island for the week.  Stop #3.

I’ll start with Maddox this time.  Two major updates I guess.  First, we went to Southport to visit Sig at the library yesterday and wandered around town a bit.  We went in a little store that was crammed with toys and crap like a clown car at the circus.  Unbelievable.  So Maddox had $5 to spend and I helped him spot the three or four things out of five billion that he could actually afford.  He was about to buy a sharks tooth necklace when he spotted one on the bottom of the pile that he thought looked just like mine and decided, adamantly, that he wanted it.  I can’t think of anything more flattering.  He was simply beaming as he put it on.  
And today, we watched Star Wars.  One of the good ones.  Episode IV, A New Hope.  He claimed he loved it.  I know he didn’t come even close to understanding it all, but he had a blast watching it,and recognizing all the characters.  He even got up from time to time to reenact a scene or two.  Good times.  
Josie.  Josie Josie Josie.  Did I mention that this girl makes me laugh?  She’s starting to show some temper and she’s thrown her share of tantrums lately, but almost without fail, she turns it into something funny before its all over with.  On the drive down here she was exhausted and would not go to sleep.  She would just repeat phrases over and over again at high decibel levels.  Random phrases. Annoying phrases.  But them sure enough about the time the steam was starting to blow out my ears she would say something so ridiculous we all couldn’t help but laugh.  Maddox included.  She’s something else.
She is also quite excited about going to preschool and has asked several times lately when that will begin.  Unfortunately, she also started asking if Maddox was going to go to the same school as her.  We kind of  explained that he wouldn’t, but I’m not sure how solid that worked its way into her brain.  We will just have to see how that goes I reckon.  I know that she liked being at the same school as him, and I think he kind of liked it too.  It will be just one more interesting change.
We now hypothetically own a car in Accra now.  According to several sources, we have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe parked at Lincoln waiting for us to arrive.  I’ll have to see it to actually believe it, but I think it might actually be true.  We’ve made two deposits to a German account and it seems that everything is in order. I’ve talked to David a few times, who is now vacationing in Canada, and Ebeneezer once.  I understand about 83% of what they say to me on the phone, but it all sounds as if it is good.  
We are exactly one week from closing on our house.  We signed some papers today.  Preliminary stuff I guess.  A lot of fancy talk.  It all seems kind of surreal. 
Oh and one last thing.  I got to play soccer with Scott and Scott McLean this week as a stand in for their rec league team.  It was fun to play some competitive soccer for a change.  Looks like we might get to play one more time next week.  We’ll see.  Maddox went with me and had a blast running around with the Simpson crew.  I’m honestly not sure who ran more that night.  I’m looking forward to getting into some games in Ghana.  Hope I can make that happen.  
I’m sure there is more, but it’s getting late so here are some pictures and a little Marley quote that sums things up right now.
“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.  Make you want to move your dancing feet.”

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