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We closed on our house Thursday.  We are no longer home owners.  In fact, I now only have one key on my key ring.  Just a few weeks ago that key ring had probably 10 keys on it with school, a house and two cars.  Now, with no house and no job,  there is a fob for one car and a key for Sig’s house.  It will probably fill back up eventually, but it’s actually a pretty good feeling right now.  We spent the last week at Topsail Island with Robyn’s family and were actually there when we closed on the house.  We had been out of the house for a couple of weeks already, so the emotion of walking away from our home of seven years had already passed.  But you know that point in your vacation when you’re kind of ready to go home and sleep in your own bed?  Well it was a little bit of a revelation when I hit that point and realized that someone else was sleeping in my bed (we sold it with the house) and my new “own bed” is waiting for me in Ghana, still a month away.  Add another element to the adventure.

Topsail Island has been a tradition for seven years now with Robyn’s family.  It’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to keep it going.  I’m glad we were able to work it out for us all to get together one more time before we head out.  I’m not going to lie, it’s close quarters for a week, but it’s family and its fun.  The kids had a blast and I must say I did too.  There was a lot of sand and a lot of showers and changes of clothes when you take kids to the beach twice a day, but it was all worth it.  Jack and Josie became fast friends playing together, snuggling to watch a show before nap time and dancing together.  Super cute.  Maddox got kind of caught in the middle of the age range and had a little harder time, but he did great.  It is priceless to see his little eyes light up as he plays with his cousins and feels like a part of things.  The range goes from Josie at 2 to Julian at 12 and there were times when every single one of them were hanging out together. Beautiful.
There were lots of fun times and good memories.  I have to say my favorite was on our last day when Maddox and I walked to the pier together.  He is five so we have our struggles as expected, but it’s times like these that make every late night, every slammed door, even every nasty diaper worth every second. We started out with him telling me that Anna and her dad had walked all the way to the pier.  I asked if he thought he could do it and he said, “no way!”  We just kept walking and talking though and as we got closer his confidence grew.  He was proud of himself when we got back and I must say I was proud of him too. The best part, he held my hand the whole way back.  I’d say we walked somewhere between one and two miles.  Quite a haul for his little legs. I cherish these times more than anything.  I know the days of walks holding his hand are numbered. 
A lifetime isn’t enough to love you.

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