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The Amazing Race

Sitting on the couch, actually what used to be my couch, in somebody else’s house tonight.  We are in our fourth location for the summer at Lori and Imani’s house in Greensboro.  (She bought our couch from us which turned out nice, for this week anyway.) So in a way we are at home, at least our home town and our home couch. 

We spent the last week at Sig’s house which I guess is technically our home address now, at least according to the paper trail that follows us.  Whatever.  It’s all kind of a long strange trip.  Ha.  It was actually nice being there last week.  The kids got to spend a lot of time with their cousins and had a blast playing with them almost everyday. Maddox was constantly asking to go to their house or for them to come to dinner at Sig’s.  We spent a good amount of time at the pool and made a couple trips to Southport.  Spent the 4th their actually for NC’s official Fourth of July Parade, or something like that.  The kids had fun hanging out and watching what seemed to be mostly Shriners and junior beauty queens.  Good times.  Those Southportiatians take that mess seriously though, I can tell you that much.
Good-byes were hard when we left.  Maddox did some crying the last night we were there.  For the first time he asked “Why do we have to go to Africa?”  It was obviously a direct reaction to the fun he had with his cousins and as I talked to him about it and tried to make him feel better, he interrupted me and said, “Why is the bug spray up there?”  Obviously he was not terribly distraught.  A quick reminder that he is five.  If I’m to be fully honest though, once he fell asleep, I laid there next to him and pondered it all myself.  It was the first time I really got a little bit of a what the hell are we doing feeling.  We’ve sold our house, one car, 90% of our possessions and we are moving to Africa.  But as I repeated that in my head it just kept sounding cooler and cooler.  I looked over at my boy and gave him a kiss on the forehead and knew we were doing the right thing.
Alright, I’m going to step aside here for a minute and talk about something else that kind of fits but maybe not really.  I just finished watching the Marley Africa Road Trip shows where Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie tour around South Africa during the World Cup and put on a show and have all kinds of adventures.  (Robyn is actually sitting next to me watching it right now). Trust me this is all kind of relevant.  It was fun to watch cause I like the Marley’s music and all, but also it’s fun to see stars be regular people.  But the relevance comes from the experiences that they had.  They had an idea of what they expected to see and hear and learn, and the longer they stayed the more they understood that it was not at all what they expected.  I’ve definitely got an idea of how I think things will be in Ghana, but I can’t wait to see how it really turns out.  I totally realize it probably won’t end up with me putting on a free concert for several thousand people, but I do have that feeling that everything is going to be alright.  And who knows, I mean, I did ship my guitar over there…
A couple more things here and then I need to wrap it up.  Maddox started soccer camp today.  His second year at UNCG.  As I put him to bed last night and told him to get a good nights sleep so he’d be ready for camp he said, “yeh, cause you want me to be a good player right?”  Now of course I’d love to get some priority seating and sweet swag from the USMNT someday, but I replied, “nope.  I just want you to have fun buddy.”  I think that was the right response because he just smiled and rolled over.  He has been super sweet lately.  Very cuddly, holding my hand and sticking close.  I’m eating it up.  He even wanted to make sure he got the same kind of ice cream as me today.  With great power comes great responsibility.  I don’t know.  It may just be the age, it may be the uncertainty of the times, but I’m making sure I cherish it.  
Josie is running through a little tougher time right now.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still the cutest girl ever created by two human beings, but she’s also two and a half.  She’s hit some major throw down tantrums lately.  Tossing stuff around, even just straight laying out on the ground.  Once it’s over, it’s pretty funny, but it can be a challenge too.  So that aside, she’s also a lot of fun.  She’s gotten in the habit of saying to me every now and then, “You know what daddy?  I love you.”  I mean come on.  She’s also continuing to show a near complete lack of fear.  She had a blast on the slip n slide in the back yard yesterday, bouncing her way down and spinning all around.  Then she went to her first dentist appointment today and didn’t even flinch while they cleaned her teeth.  She did get a little upset when they were finished and I had to explain that they weren’t actually giving her cotton candy, but that was just the flavor of the fluoride they had used.  Funny.  
She insists on wearing a dress 90% of the time and one of three favorites 99% of that 90%.  That can get a little frustrating, but it’s also pretty cute.  She loves to dance and take care of her baby dolls.  She will just break into dance as she walks around or at the table when she hears music.  The baby dolls get their own blanket at night and she will spend what seems like hours rearranging them during the day and making sure they are all comfortable and properly clothed.  She even spent the last 20 minutes before bed time tonight pretending to be Maddox and my mommy.  At one point she promised us pancakes in the morning for breakfast.  We’ll see how that turns out. (By the way, I just moved 7 dolls off our bed so I can get in it in a few minutes and there are at least three in her bed with her).
So we’ve got the rest of the week here in GSO that will include a date night, soccer camp, catching up with some friends, a trip to mom’s, and per Maddox’s request a pass by our old house, as well as I’m sure a few other activities.  Then we head to Boone for the week.  I’m excited about some time in the mountains with nothing we have to do.  Then it’s just one more week and we are leaving on a jet plane. Crazy.
Oh, the title.  As we’ve gone from house to house and I’ve gotten frustrated with slightly comfortable beds or trying to find the pizza cutter or where the toilet paper is hidden, Robyn has said to me,”Its just like we are in the Amazing Race and these are the challenges.”  It helps I reckon.  As long as I don’t end up having to eat some pig brains or something.  

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